Our COFAB®, COMAT®, and UNICOMPOSITE fabrics are fully compatible with polyester, vinyl ester, epoxy, and phenolic resins.

One of CollinsCraft's greatest assets is our ability and willingness to work with customers to develop a fabric that meets your requirements for a specific application. Why settle for less than you need and compromise your product quality in the market place? Approximately half of our sales are in specifically engineered products.

When you compare the purchase price of our fabrics to our competitors, our material will probably have a slightly higher purchase price. However, purchase price is only one element in the cost of a product. After taking a closer look at some of the advantages of COFAB® reinforcement fabrics, you can see why they have added value that eliminates the original purchase price differential. Many of our customers have proven to themselves that the true cost of our fabrics - on the shipping dock in finished form - is much less than that of other fabrics.

Visit our booth at the major trade shows to see first hand how our fabrics can help you improve your product and profits.

Review our Technical Information to see which product best suits your needs, and check Sales and Distribution to get additional information or find out where to contact us or one of our distributors.